Imposition 2012-Super Tuesday, Super Fizzle

   With most precincts now reporting, the big winner of Super Tuesday is the Apathy party. Voter turnouts are reportedly not high, though some of the candidates certainly seem to be.

   Newt takes Georgia, Santorum seems the winner in Oklahoma, Ron Paul gets enough partial wins in caucus states to stay afloat to the convention, if it comes really, really soon. Mitt may win Ohio, but, if so, it will be on his strength in the Northern Ohio, which is not as evangelical or Christian as the Southern Ohio. Who knew there were two Ohios?

   Apparently, the same people who knew there were two Mitt Romneys. Mitt has spent nearly twelve million dollars in the last two weeks on some overwhelmingly effective attack ads aimed at Senator Santorum, who does not always need help to look overwhelmed. The attack ads have been paid for by the Romney campaign and his giant Super PAC, Restore our Romney. Or whatever they call it.

   I have already said attack ads only work if people stop their thinking. Quotes must be lifted from context, words are slightly twisted, spin is applied and, pretty soon, Jesus was advocating Roman rule ("Render to Caesar what is Caesar's…").

   One of my staunchest GOP leaning friends straightly said, this week, "It may be my Christian duty to sit out this election in the fall." Various polls suggest the more the GOP candidates practice nuclear winter on each other, Mr. Obama's favorable rating actually goes up, while he is saying nothing. In Michigan, Mr. Obama shot up 18% in some polls while the GOP carpet bombed that state.

   In short, the more these fellows talk, the more we are reminded of how much we miss Ronnie Reagan. For goodness sake, they make me miss Dick Nixon.

   And don't get me started on Dwight David Eisenhower. I liked Ike.


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