Imposition 2012-The Federal Government Outlaws Professional Football

   Do not laught too loud as you read the tag line. The Federal Government of the United States has seriously considered ending high level football before. During the TR administation young men were dying at a record level of head and neck injuries incurred in college football matches. A hue and cry went up about the land.

   TR, a self made man's man who would finally die of injuries and illnesses incurred in various adventures he undertook around the world, took a keen interest in the matter. TR wanted new safety measures, rules changes and safety equipment. Failing this, he said, his administration would lead in outlawing the game entirely.

   Now, in 2012, in one week we have seen a legendary professional football player shoot himself to death in a manner that left his brain for study. One team has seen its head coach, star players and various assistants suspended from the game for up to a year because of announced bounties paid to players for injuring other players.

   Investigations await. The inevitable lawsuits have been filed. Imagine a decade of litigation resulting in the kinds of things TR demanded over a century ago.

   But we have additional problems now. The men involved are much larger and faster, for one thing. They are lethal weapons. They do crippling damage to one another.

   The financial aspect of the game is much larger as well. While the players make more money they seem to reap less benefit than most other professional athletes. Their careers are much shorter, only about four years on average. When they are through playing many of them are completely out of football money within another four years.

   Nor can we overlook the role of dangerous Performance Enhancing Substances. Men have died with their bodies riddled by tumors, perhaps resulting from the intense drug regimens they have used to grow to preposterous sizes. Internal organs, bones and joints seem unable to bear the burden of these hulks.


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