Imposition 2012-The GOP Dilemma

   Well, it is the Vice-Presidential candidate.

   I know. We don't even know the top of the ticket yet. Already, I am looking at the VP with a jaundiced eye.

   The 2008 candidate, a quasi-Democrat named John McCain, a national treasure and hero to me, was such a lackluster candidate he had to pick an unknown lady governor from up north (way up north) to balance the ticket. The immediate problem, other than Sarah Palin's complete inability to speak a non-tormented English sentence and the real possibility she could not locate Russia on a map, was that she overwhelmed the McCain campaign.

   She was so conservative, so trim and athletic, so very Sarah, John McCain started to look like Grandpa Munster, just up from  the laboratory. His military service did not work for him, though he was the most authentically heroic presidential candidate since John Kennedy. It is somewhat compelling that our three most recent war hero presidents/candidates (Kennedy, Bush I and McCain) are best known for getting something shot out from under them. If John Kerry had lost his swift boat in Viet Nam, he might have won the White House over Bush II.

   Here is the problem for the GOP this year. Mitt Romney will almost certainly win the nomination. He is so close to his opponent, Mr. Obama, he may not give a compelling narrative for his election. My present understanding of his campaign is, simply put, he has done all he needs to do in business, he could not beat Teddy Kennedy in Massachussetts and now he wants to be president. So there.

   After winning Michigan, sort of, which describes most of Mr. Romney's "wins" he announced he w0uld "finally end the inheritance estate tax," thus cheering the hearts of billionaires everywhere, explained he would end Ameri-Care, denying health care insurance to the middle class and he would beat Obama in the fall, which is more than a bit uncertain.

   Mr. Romney will have to take a VP who will "balance the ticket." Chris Christie of New Jersey is a huge option. Sorry, but he is a big boy. Governor Christie is uber-conservative and a really blunt speaker. 

    He would be Romney's Palin. The incredibly bland, vague Mr. Romney would be running second fiddle to his own VP candidate. Fearfully, this will be the case almost regardless of whom he picks, unless he can resurrect someone like Dick Cheney, as did Bush II. Here is the problem with that thought; it will not help the ticket and the ticket will need some serious help.

    This is a tough year to be a Republican.


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