Imposition 2012-The Libertarians and the GOP

   Libertarians live on ideas. They may not be strict Contrarians but Libertarians are drawn to ideas. They do not subscribe, which a large portion of Republicans say is their most desired trait in a mate or a friend or a candidate. Libertarians are not Subscribers.

   Yes, I prefer people who do their own thinking. Subscribers, perpetual non-thinkers, are not my kind of minds.

   However, there is a difference between different thinking and dangerous thinking. The Foreign Policies of the Libetarians give me pause because, I think, they are more dangerous to the world than the Mayan calendar.

   So, the GOP does not benefit from the incursion of the Ron Paul Libertarians as they do from the Tea Party. The last new idea from the Tea Party was "We Hate Obama." Libertarians have tons of new ideas, most of them thoroughly unworkable and all of them somewhat off center.

   Libertarians say, "No more foreign aid. No more. Not a penny. Not to anyone."

   Really? No aid to Israel? Elect that. 

   Slogans as political thought sound really, really good. No foreign aid.

   Of course, without American aid, Israel ceases to exist, much to the chagrin of Holy Land Tourists, Evangelical Preachers and, well, American Jews. 

   Utopianism, as with all Isolationism, only works if the world is not connected. Distances have to be vast and information hard to get. This is not the world we live in today. The Contrarian, Isolationist, Utopian imagination (Read Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead) idolizes the individual, be it citizen or nation, but such imagination is dangerous in the real world. Libertarian thinking can bring about irreversible events with cataclysmic consequences.

   If, for instance, a nation dependent on American aid stops getting that aid, it is impossible to recreate that nation after its neighbors rush in to destroy it. The nations that do not fall because we withdraw then look to other supporters who can rush in for pennies on the dollar bringing with them all their influences. 

   The GOP does not do itself any favors leaning on the Libertarians. I am not sure America would benefit from their thinking, either.



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  1. Can I just pose one running disagreement with most of these descriptions of the Tea Party, of Occupy, of Labor, of Capital and of Libertarians in general?
    So many ways to respond, so little time. So just one: Thomas Jefferson.

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