Imposition 2012-The State of the Union Speech

   Mr. Obama gave his State of the Union Speech last week. He was Clintonian in length. He was Clintonian in his pragmatism. 

   He was downright Clintonian.

   He made a joke about milk.

   No, seriously. He made a joke about milk.

   He laughed. Michelle rolled her eyes.

   He is not a funny guy.

   Then, the Republicans picked the governor of Indiana to rebut Mr. Ohama.

   He is not a funny guy, either.

   Mr. Obama mentioned China and Iran. Iran is trying to blow up the world with a nuclear device. China is trying to pollute the world to death and starve its citizenry.

   America is opposed to Iran's nuclear program and China's tendency to replicate everything, badly. Mr. Obama made that as clear as his opaque speaking style can make things, jokes or not.

   Of course, we did not hire him to be Comedian in Chief. We have Jon Stewart for that one. We did not hire him to be a scintillating public speaker. For that, we have me.

   We did hire the man to work hard at his job. Apparently he does work hard. The job has aged hm ten years in four. 

   Apparently, meeting with Joe Biden is harder than we thought.


   Mr. Obama did not mention band-width, so the speech was not post-modern.

    If someone offers you a job where you carry something heavy, you are likely to be taxed out of your mind and have your job sent to SuzieQBicStan. You have to be able to get information, operate on that information and do so before some Taiwanese teenager beats you to it. This is band-width. We need to be building towers, running wires and otherwise out-teching the rest of the world.

   Yes, our grid needs regridding, our roads are choc-full 'o potholes and our bridges wave in a stiff breeze. The world will not be won without technology, however. We will not have a middle class if we do not have the band-width to support its needs. 

   Remember the Band-Width!


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