Imposition 2012-The Zombie Apocalypse

   Since last we blotted this screen with blog post on politics, a few things have happened. 

   Mr. Obama came out with his pronouncement in favor of Same-Sex Marriage. I am not a big fan of Same-Sex Marriage, since, for instance, it would not be Marriage, only Ersatz Marriage, incapable of producing the next generation, certainly incapable of producing a next generation to hold the nation.

    My real problems with Mr. Obama's pronouncement was its complete lack of political courage. Mr. Obama make his pronouncement as if he let it slip, then had his minions leak the news that Mr. Biden had forced Mr. Obama to do play catch-up on Same-Sex Marriage with a previous pronouncement made by Mr. Biden, the Vice-President. Of course, the two men met, talked, kissed and made up. This is the whole problem.

   Here are my problems with this scenario, other than the two men kissing and making up part:

  •    If you are letting Joe Biden lead you along on social issues, you have slid to the bottom of the slippery slope. Joe Biden plagarized his Masters' Thesis work at the Ivy League school he "graduated" from years ago. When this came out he  lost one presidential bid. He is also the man who called Mr. Obama the first African American presidential candidate who looked "clean." If Joe Biden is pulling you along, you are behind a team of asses, not oxen. If you are using Mr. Biden for your protection on no-win, uber-controversial remarks, well…..
  • After he made his remark on Same-Sex Marriage, Mr. Obama then announced the Federal government under his watch would never do anything to enable such marriages. He would leave it all to the states, who could pass their own regulations or not. Thus, he gets to look cool to the Same-Sexers and protective to the States-Righters. The problem with trying to have it both ways? Someone might see through your vain attempts to eat your cake and still light candles on it. This will  not work, Mr. President. Think again. Do not tell us again how much you favor something, then blame it on your Vice President. Do not tell us one more time how you want something for the citizenry but will leave it up to them to come and get it, one state at a time. The states might decided, perhaps correctly, we do not need to elect someone who passes all the hard choices to us, all the while standing with smiling lips and outstretched hand, waiting to be padded.

   And The GOP. Where to start?

   Meeting in Ft. Worth, the Texas GOP did these things:

  • Booed and applauded Governor Rick Perry. One wag announced there were three things he would change about Rick Perry; his title (from governor to private citizen), his address (from Austin to Anywhere) and…and…and..oops. You had to see that coming.
  • Announced their sudden conversion to the Guest Worker program, wherein seasonal (no longer migrant) workers would be admitted to the nation only for the purpose of working, would be registered, paid, taxed and taken home after their work visa runs out. The GOP has voted against any such regulation repeatedly. Now, the Fence failing, it is time to let people in, tax them, work them and send them home. 
  • Attacked Mr. Obama for saying, "This sounds good to me. Let's do the Seasonal Worker thing. Mr. Romney, when he had this slow pitch softball lobbed up at him, answered, "Well, Mr. Obama has never done anything about this before, so, since he is agreeing with us in an election year, his actions must be political." Mr. Romney, of course, refused to say what he would do.

   This is why I call this national election cycle the Zombie Apocalypse. One side has leadership from the near bottom of the ladder, with the fellow at the top agreeing with whatever climbs up at him, though he promises faithfully not to do anything about it. The other side puts forward an idea they have never before accepted, then screams bloody murder when the leader of the First Side says he is all for their idea, but, will, of course, let someone-other-than-him do something about enacting reform. 

   This is not partisianship. This is not gridlock. This is viral, inexplicable reanimation of a corpse, which said corpose proceeds to moan, shuffle along and consume anything it can catch, if it can catch anything.

   Sadly, we are watching two parties agree to death on mindless, fearful hatred of the other. Zombies. Zombies. Ghouls. The Lurching Dead.



Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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