In Jerusalem

   Hundreds of people have taken to living in tents in the city park, claiming they cannot pay the rents set by the govenment. They held a mass rally Saturday night with hundreds of thousands in attendance. On the same day, mothers marched , protesting the high cost of milk, diapers and day care. Apparently, if one is making 8.000 per month NIS (New Israeli Shekel), virtually the entire amount is taken up in rent and the cost of children. Most report asking their parents for grocery money, up to 500 NIS monthly.

   The medical doctors are on strike for higher wages. 

   It is possible they spend that much on the horn honking and save that much on brake pads for their cars. Insomuch as I can tell, the driving here is the survival of the fleetest. Horns honk, hands wave, parentage is questioned, all as people dash madly in tiny cars around unnamed streets, or, more likely, streets with three names; one in Hebrew, one in Arabic and one in English. Texans, do not complain, ever again, about the use of English and Spanish together. It is a snap comparied to finding one's way about Jerisualem.

   We prayed yesterday evening in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Mount of Olives. I prayed particularly for Danny Grogan, at about the time of his funeral service in America, as well as for his family.

   In short, all is well here right now for these two American expatriates. We are happy to be together, still, I think. Check back with me after five more nights. LOL.

   Shalom, today from Jerusalem.



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  1. Just my opinion, methinks you should rely more on proof reading than the spellchecker. Especially a few posts back.
    Safe travel to you!

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