Insist on the right to love your President

I love Donald Trump.

I loved Barack Hussein Obama.

I loved George W. Bush

I….loved….um…I…loved…Oh, dear…I…loved…William Jefferson Clinton.

I loved George Herbert Walker Bush.

I loved Ronald Reagan.

I loved Jimmy Carter.

I loved Gerald Ford.

Yes, I loved Richard Nixon.

I am old, but that is about as far back as I go. Those who know me know I am very interested in Abraham Lincoln. Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the first Baptist POTUS, Harry S. Truman, also interest me very much.

We have only elected 44 Presidents. Gerald Ford was not elected as President or Vice President. We are now working with POTUS Number 45. When one of the Gotcha guys asks you if you like POTUS 50 better than 60, tell them you are waiting to see and so should they.

I know I love my POTUS because I pray for each of them so long as they are in office. For some, this continues after they leave office, as in the case of Mr. Carter, who has been a much better ex-President than a President.

You are going to be asked to dislike every one who runs for President. You are asked daily to hate the current President.

Don’t do it. Pray for your President.

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