Interlude: An Explanation

   If you are one of those wondering why I am posting memoir just now, please read the first entry in the Service Interrupted series. It is prologue.

   If you are sitting somewhere worrying about just how much I intend to reveal, please keep in mind these are personal observations and memories. I do not intend to work from rumors or innuendo. There are things I heard about repeatedly while at the BGCT but I did not observe them, seek to observe them or seek to corroborate them.

   Hence, it is unlikely I will try to report them.

   This is a memoir, not a hatchet job, regardless of what some might think.

3 thoughts on “Interlude: An Explanation”

  1. Rick you know I love you and your inspiration, simply put I would call you a friend. Of which I have few. Just hear the words a wise older fellow shared with me once “if you are not part of the solution then you are the problem”.
    If this is solving something good, if not…

  2. Doug, I like you am wondering just what the purpose of all this personal sharing and bloodletting is or may accomplish. Does it build up or tear down? Charles is leaving soon, can’t we just leave the guy alone? Sounds kinda like some cowboys setting around the campfire ripping the boss after he has left. And everyone chimes in and shares all kinds of horror stories. I know Charles was probably not the best leader for the BGCT, but gosh let it go will ya. Rick, I know you went to hell and back while at the BGCT, but let it go man. For what good purpose does it gain to share the stories that can only serve to hurt the reputation of a good man. In the grand scheme of things what will it accomplish?

  3. Not many of us know the inner workings of the BGCT. We are not in the circle who gets to hear of the inner workings. For over two years, I’ve wondered why things have happened where we have lost millions of Cooperative Program Dollars. I know that we have seen the condensed version of the report on the Valley, but that does not help explain a lot of things. Rick is helping me to understand why things may have happened as they did. IMO, we need to hear this even if it is from one person. Maybe it will help us as Texas Baptists not to repeat the mistakes of the past. One way to move forward is to learn from the past. If not, you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Just my thoughts on this Monday morning. Blessings to all.
    BTW, should we be afraid of truthful accounts of what happened inside of the BGCT?

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