It’s Later Than You Think

My computer is one hour ahead of everyone.

That is, in terms of the time shown by my computer on my screen, it is one hour later than in reality.

Or, if not in reality, in wherever you live.

I don’t know why it reset without consulting me. It just went forward an hour.

I set it back manually. It agreed, but then reneged and went back to being one hour ahead.

No explanation. No consultation. Just does what it wants to do.

I set it back again. Same deal. Initial agreement, then betrayal.

So, I did what anyone would do. This time I set it back two hours.

Agreement. Then betrayal. It came forward a full  hour.

To the correct time.

I thought I had won. Then it cut my blogsite off from my twitter and facebook accounts.

This is becoming a lot like, well, parenthood.

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