Jeanie Miley: Meeting Jesus Today-For the Cautious, the Curious, and the Committed

Writer’s Note: Long time readers remember I have used this site to review books, as well as other media projects. Today I want to key in on Jeanie Miley’s new Smith&Helwys offering, Meeting Jesus Today. I need to offer this disclaimer. Jeanie is my friend, a person whose integrity and intellect I admire. If she published her grocery list, I would be inclined to read it seriously. Therefore, this is perhaps not the kind of review you are accustomed to read here. I assure you, however, it is an honest review and recommendation, so much as I can make it.



Jeanie Miley has a new book out just now. In itself, this is not surprising. Mrs. Miley reliably produces orginal works, year after year. You can read her personal bibliography on the Smith&Helwys site or at I suggest you take a look at her various works. Jeanie keeps up her touring, book promotion and retreat schedules, along with her writing. Look at her schedule and you will wonder if and when she sleeps. She is a busy lady, sharing much and with much to share.

Mrs. Miley’s books are devotional in the sense that each of them points the reader to deepened faith in the Christ. She is long on information and short on easy answers but plums the depths of devotional faith offerings.

Many of you will know my overall stance about devotional literature. I just cannot read it seriously. However, Jeanie’s materials are not the kinds of things one finds in the bargain bin at the local Christian book store. Her aspirations are more like those of Thomas a Kempis or Oswald Chambers; devotional application, transformation, not mere transaction.

Her stuff is sweet, not sappy. There is meat on these bones.

This newest offering is interactive, as much a workbook as anything. She points her readers toward what I call “guided silence.” She offers insight into Christianity, the way post-modern culture is touched by it and the way Christianity affects the culture. She seems to imply that Christianity too often only abuts the culture, bordering on its edges without intruding on it space, to the detriment of both. Her intelligence moves the devoted reader backward into the Christian subculture but only to fling the reader forward out of the subculture into the world at large.

This is a book/interactive journal you will want to read, complete and hold steady. In a less than a month you may resolve to make some new beginnings (New Year’s Resolutions). You might resolve to purchase a copy of  Meeting Jesus Today and start the creative process bubbling before you make the inevitable choice to exercise more often.

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