Joe Biden and Paul Ryan

As we near the VP debate, we are reminded why there is only one VP debate.

No one wants to hear it.

VPs are like Offensive Lineman in football. That is, if they get to the end of the game without hearing their name called after introductions, the whole thing went well. The more you hear about an O-Lineman or VP during the “game” the more likely it is something went terribly, terribly wrong.

This is never more apparent that when one hears or reads, “President Obama, tugged along by VP Joe Biden…”

The same-sex union announcement was all Joe Biden and all wrong politically. I think it was disastrous morally, as well, but, then, I am a dinosaur. Politically, announcing for same-sex union in an election year (or ever) is pretty much like winning an argument with your wife.

What do you get?

An unhappy wife plotting revenge.

This is not good, not good at all.

So, Mr. Biden goes into the debate with Mr.Obama having performed poorly at his first try. There is a big bump in the polls for Mr. Romney, with the Pew poll showing a swing of nearly nine points in favor of Mr. Romney. This is bigger than Reagan-Carter, 1980.

Ergo, you have the combination of a volatile, garrulous debater, Mr. Biden, toting the baggage of a campaign suddenly in crisis mode, against the easy-going but astute Mr. Ryan. This may prove to be the final undoing of the Obama campaign. By the time Mr. Obama gets back on the platform it may be too late to throw the deep pass.

If anyone is listening.



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  1. I certainily hope that your analysis is accurate. Not that I’m excited about Romney but it is obvioulsy the best alternative. However, in keeping with your football analogy, can we draft Allen West for president?

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