Join Me, Please

Help me try this social action experiment.

Use your social media at least three times between today, April 27 and May 4 to urge voters to vote. Early voting in Texas makes it so easy to cast a ballot. There is no need to wait until the day of the election. Forget the lines and the last minute things that can go wrong. Urge people to go vote ASAP.

Urge younger voters to vote. Ask them to put down the video game and go vote. Our 18 year old grand daughter got to cast her first ballot on Thursday. She was so excited. Our family votes, so she is following our family tradition. She voted with her Mom at the polling place.

Of course, she voted the list of candidates I advocate. Get some help, but go vote. You will get heard if you can deliver votes. Our representative republic still runs on voting.


Use your social media to urge people to go vote ASAP.

Ask younger people to go vote. It they are not registered to vote, this is a really good time to get them registered, so they can vote easily next time.

Make at least three phone calls to friends to ask them to go vote.

Let’s work to get the voter turnout up higher.


If you live in Midlothian, please vote for Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian.

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