Jordanian Friends-Writing Interrupted…

…by some paper work. I am also breaking in a new Starbucks, in Midlothian, and they do not yet know my order by heart. This will change.

I have been delayed this morning with a happy conversation with two Jordanian men, father and son, who are visiting the area. They are both graduates of UT Austin. We discussed the Balfour declaration, American foreign policy and their concerns about American destabilization of the Middle East. One is a lawyer of the international flavor and the other a petroleum engineer.

The lawyer said, “America is going to desert the region before long. The USA is becoming energy self sufficient and will have no more need to waste lives and money propping up Israel.”

I demurred, citing the religious fervor of American conservatives for Israel.

The engineer replied, “But the USA is less and less religious, less and less Christian. I lived her for years and your democracy is perishing with the death of your religion. The whole world feels it.”

And, beloved, preacher friends, if you cannot preach that, then I cannot help you. Take up some other profession.

The Jordanians exchanged numbers and addresses with me. The father invited me to stay with him in Jordan if I can get back to the region.

“It will cost you only your airfare to come,” he said, with the usual Arab hospitality. “I will take care of all other things.”

We had known eeach other for thirty minutes. These are sweet people.

“You will find,” he said, before leaving, “that poor Jordan is an island of stability, surrounded by an ocean of bad neighbors.”

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  1. Four years ago Linda and I spent a week in a small, Palestinian hotel just outside the Damascus Gate. We spent all of most every day in Old Jerusalem. These people were genuine, happy, and thoughtful. And MANY of them were/are Christian, and some of them Baptist even.

    All too often we paint with too-broad a brush.


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