Joseph Biden is not demented

Joseph R. Biden is not demented. He is not senile.

How, then, do we explain all the vocalized errors in his speeches?

Joe Biden has never been good at articulating his own ideas. His brain misses connection with his tongue when he tries to tell you what he thinks.

Joe Biden has always been good at hearing someone else articulate ideas he likes and then plagiarizing their ideas word for word. Joe knows a good idea when he sees one. He knows a fine speech when he hears one. He can repeat your good ideas and lofty concepts word for word. He often appears shocked, shocked I say, when someone catches him stealing from another writer or speaker.

When he is caught, Joe will act like a spoiled child. He will call you dreadful names. He will claim credentials he does not possess. If you do not believe Joe Biden, you are a lying dog faced pony soldier who cannot beat him in a push up contest.

Mr. Biden’s debate preparation, I believe, will consist of him in his basement with his coaches. They will feed him ideas and coach him to repeat words and phrases. They will remind Senator Biden to cut himself off when he runs out of memorized words and phrases.

Do not believe for one moment Mr. Trump can just throw his Bible out on the platform and overwhelm Joe in the debate. Joe will amaze listeners who wonder if he can stay on stage for an hour, let alone stay on message. He will repeat what someone else tells him.

Mr. Biden is good at stealing ideas and speeches.

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