Judeo-Christian Heritage: Come, Let Us Struggle (Reason) Together

    Friday, now, and Monday morning just about 60 hours away. God being my help, I hope to start ruminations on Monday morning in this space about our purported Judeo-Christian heritage. By "our" I mean modern America. When I use the term "Judeo-Christian," I mean the jointly shared tradition of justice tempered by unconditional love, left to "our" benefit in the Western World by two great religious traditions. When I do this, I presuppose what "we" say about ethics and morality in any tribe, tongue or age; that ethics and morality shoot up from one's religion. Secularity will not claim a purposeful basis for its existence, so I will not claim for secularity what it will not claim for itself.

    On Monday, or sooner, I will start to defend religion. I will get around to say I actually wish to speak only about real religion, which I find in the Christian faith. By real religion, I mean religion wherein God is sensed in the Person of God,  not merely in the ancient law.

   What is the "Judeo" part of "our" heritage? Judaism bequeaths to the Western World its insistence on justice, as represented in codified law. America is the bright jewel of the world, educationally, in governance, commercially because of its dependence on the Rule of Law. Scandals occur, from Tea Pot Dome to Abscam to Watergate to the pedophile priests of Rome to the greedy incompetents of Texas baptist life but each one who steps out of bounds is liable to arrest and prosecution. At least he may expect exposure and humiliation. 

   What is the "Christian" part of "our" heritage? The greatest of Christian virtues is love, agape love, which opens the door to reality, if one defines reality as God and God's Kingdom. Agape love opens the door to universal life and blessing, which mere law-keeping cannot do and, in fact, does not claim to do.

    Christians are (or should be) law abiding and Jews are (or ought to be) loving and kind. How does each know to be either? How do the secularists know to "love one's neighbor as oneself," whether they love that way or not? No secular science, no matter how "hard," tells one how to live in relation to one's neighbor or one's family or one's self. Religion gives us our ethics/morality. We had better get back to our religion-born traditional morality before we lose all our fathers left us.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone and not those of any other.

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  1. “Religion gives us our ethics/morality. We had better get back to our religion-born traditional morality before we lose all our fathers left us.”
    No known connection: SWBTS no longer has an Ethics department
    Just sayin’

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