July. Good bye

In July of 2018, our family had these experiences:

July 13-Learned we had lost our grandson

July 19-Grandson stillborn

July 21-Funeral for grandson

July 23=Sudden death of my older brother

July 27-Funeral for older brother

This is the first anniversary of these various unhappy events. I admit I am reliving the two week period beginning with July 13, 2018. We are celebrating the birth of our twin granddaughters, Anderson and Zoey, who are growing like little flowers.

All of this and our regular works, along with other added work opportunities, have filled up our time, as you can imagine.

I want to post here more often, but I really do not feel the impetus I once felt. For those of you who still check to see my posts, I do not plan to quit. In fack, I intend to return to regular posting, beginning August 1, 2018. I do not plan to post again until that day.

Life continues. God is good.

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