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   I just finished the 1,053 marvelous pages of William Manchester’s third volume of the Churchill biography. You have to get these three books; read and re-read them. You will sit in awe of Manchester’s use of the language, the diligence of his research and the magnificence of his subject.

   Churchill was First Citizen of the World after WW II. Admittedly, if Clement Attlee and the Labour Party had not failed so miserably during his/their tenure after the war, Sir Winston would never have been PM again in Britain but Attlee and British Socialism did fail (Americans, take note). Again, as in 1940, the crisis demanded a man like Churchill and there was only one. 

   You must read this trilogy. Manchester is long dead, there will be no more from his pen. If you care anything for history/biography, great writing and a superb subject, read this series.

   Happy New Year.

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