Kung Fu Panda: I Love it

   I've a good friend. He is a fellow whose discipline and ability I admire. He has two fifth degree black belts in a couple of Japanese martial arts. I have watched him break boards, spar with black belts half his age and send them flying.

   He blogs over at spiritualsamurai2011. He is often as delicate as a meat cleaver. However, his blog is the only one in Texas on Texas baptist issues that actually matters. The rest respond to him.

   Some little wienies over at another unmentioned blog look at his spiritual samurai post (samurai means servant) and have renamed him Kung Fu Panda. They do this anonymously, as they lack the essential  chemical testosterone. 

   Here is the guilty truth. Every time I see the Kung Fu Panda logo now, I do think of David Montoya, the spiritual samurai. Forgive me, David, you look like a Panda, even with your recent weight loss. The kind, quizzical face, the powerful shoulders, the rambling gait, the slow common motions, the relentless charge when stirred. David, you are the Panda.

   The other fellows, they are just bamboo shoots, suitable for your meals. They are long, hollow reeds, annoying but inconsequential. The one thing they have done for me is call you the Kung Fu Panda, which makes me laugh. 

   Of course, they would not say it to your face. Heavens, that would be too much. 


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5 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda: I Love it”

  1. O Wise One,
    Forgive me but the Panda must correct you. I do have a black belt in two arts but am only a GoDan (5th degree) in one. But the Panda is honored that you mentioned him. May you experience Heiwa.

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