Let Me Challenge Us All

One of the reasons I am voting for Mr. Trump is because of his Second Chance program for federal prisoners. No, I have never been to prison. I had a brother who went to prison more than once. I work with a ministry tasked with changing the lives of people who come out of prison.

Go to www.chainsofgrace.org. Watch our videos, please and listen to the podcasts.

Chains of Grace helps men and women come out of prison and stay out of prison. Not one person in our program has re-offended this year. That is right. Our 2020 recidivism rate is 0.

In September I am personally offering a challenge of $2,000.00. All new donations up to $2,000.00 will be personally matched from the nickels and dimes I have saved for this purpose.

So, if you would like to stick it to me, give some money to Chains of Grace!

Send a check to:

Chains of Grace

PO Box 1344

Midlothian, TX 76065


Go to www.chainsofgrace.org, find the Donate box, click on that and follow the prompts. If you can, please make your gift recurring. You will not miss it and your gift will change lives.

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