Let Me Explain

This site, www.rickddavis.com, belongs to me as my domain. I loaned my space and time to Chains of Grace ministry to help build up the outreach contact list for our ministry. I also included COG on all my social media.

Of course, I retain the right to use this space for the usual reasons. Here is a place I brag about my children and grandchildren, who are all absolutely perfect in every way lacking in nothing. Here is a place where I vent about my political concerns about the coming Socialist horde who want to disarm America, open our borders and offer free everything to everybody except the people who pay for all of it .

Here is a place where I write stories, tell tall tales and remember when. Here is a place where I have reconnected with friends and reconciled with enemies. Here is a place where people learn what we do now and lean in to help.

In allowing Chains of Grace to have some of my space and time, I have run afoul of some well meaning folks who do not wish to read stories of any kind about ex-convicts. In particular, some of the folks who benefit from the ministry of Chains of Grace are cultural pariahs, the very definition of the “lowest of the low.” “There are former readers who do not come here now because they cannot stand to be associated with these felons.

Then, there are some people who will not come here because I use this site to raise funds for Chains of Grace. A few former readers do not want “to read a commercial when I come here.”

So, the shared space has cost me some readers. I will live with this fact, as best I can. And, I will persevere as best I can. Chains of Grace has its own site, over at www.chainsofgrace.org. Please go there to learn about us and the ministry God has given us.

I will continue to urge Chains of Grace ministry on each of us. I will continue to voice my political and social concerns here. I truly appreciate the quote from the Christian thinker G. K Chesterton, to wit, “I only talk about religion and politics because those are the only two things worth discussing.”

And, I will continue to use this space to brag about my grandchildren. They are, after all, perfect.

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