Like You I Yearn for Things to Return to the Way They Never Were

   Yes, I do. I wish we could once again blindly post our offerings to a central authority with some good faith something useful would result. I do not believe this any more. 

   What can we do? We can do a better job of picking leaders, if leadership is what we want.

   We could go look for someone who is willing to do a job, not just hold a spot. Let's quit hiring people who carry their resumes in their breast pocket.

   We could go look for someone. Let our leadership be those we dig out of solid rock.

   We could insist our leadership show us where he/she thinks we ought to stand. Any fool with whetted forefinger can tell us where the wind is blowing. The breeze is better on the face than on the back of your neck. Let's face the winds for a change.

   We could go on the way it is.


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