Lonely Hearts-A Chains of Grace Thanksgiving

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The holidays are tough for parolees. Most have not seen their families for years. They will not see them this Thanksgiving. We will feed them the usual giant American meal and watch football with them. They will not go unloved.

But there is no substitute for your family.

I have stopped asking our guys if they want to have worship services on major holidays. They inevitably tell me, “Yes, pastor we do want to have worship.” One fellow finally told me why they always say yes to worship on major holidays rather than shutting down.

“One day,” I was told, “is about like every other day for us.”

The seasons change. Parolees have the same schedule and they will for so long as they are on paper. Imagine that every day looks the same; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Resurrection Sunday. Every day looks the same.

I think these are words from a lonely heart

I don’t use names here without permission, just first initials.

J told me he was in prison for 22 years. In 22 years he received two visits, total. That is a visit every 11 years on average. He also received one card from a family member, one time. One card, no letters, in 22 years.

These are lonely words.

Our workers get told, over and over again, “You are the only family I have.”

These are lonely words.

Will you be surrounded by family tomorrow, Thanksgiving, 2018? Our guys will eat, nap and watch football. Few will have a phone call with family. Fewer still will get to see their kin.

These are lonely words. Theirs is a wistful existence.

YOU can help US provide for THEM. YOU can help US make THEM less lonely.


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Help us make our guys less lonely.

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