Love ‘s Safe Alee

Love ‘s most hap’ly fallen from

when fallen to another.

But some loves won’t be fallen from;

that love for sister-mother.

I did not mean to be like her

nor own or be owned by ‘er,

but now it ‘s her face I see

peer back out from my mirror.

Life ‘s not a cycle,

repeated birth and death,

tedious and dull,

till the sun gasp out of breath.

No, life pierces

back and forth in time,

here, now, there, then,

and what’s to come will both outshine.

"Not many fell," Will once wrote,

"and none of any name."

Who is he who gets to count the number fell

then pronounce upon their fame?

Not "them," out there,

they’ll surely fail to note.

But fame itself ‘s not greatness

and greatness ‘s the work ‘er life wrote.

Someone soon will carve on stone,

"Faithful Love, Beloved Mother."

And I’ll know, she’s welcomed on,

by that Sacred Other.

She must be safe,

if life ‘s sense to me.

She who made me safe, from every storm,

each heaving sea,

who made the winds calm

and waves subside,

for me,

when’er I turned alee.

1 thought on “Love ‘s Safe Alee”

  1. I walked through the oldest section of our city’s cemetery recently and noted that one of the most common phrases engraved upon the monuments was “Gone but not forgotten”. This on hundred-year-old stones, with family names that have long since disappeared from these parts. Ultimately, our only hope is the knowledge that God will not forget us.
    “Like bees in a bottle we are flying at fate
    Beating our wings against the walls of this place
    Unaware that the struggle is the blood of the proof
    In choosing to believe the unbelievable truth”
    Mark Heard, “Orphans of God”

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