Main Street Gym in Midlothian, Texas

One of my three perfect daughters in love is a personal trainer and workout leader. I went to one of her classes on Monday night. It is class called Body Shapers and it will if you do most of the workout and stay with it.

On Tuesday, less than twenty four hours after the class I felt like the old cartoon character, Gumby. For those who do not remember, Gumby was an elastic figure, wavy, unreal, able to bend and stretch oddly. I felt like I was made of elastic after the body stretching workout.

And, this though I gave myself meaningful breaks during the action. There were eighteen other fitness enthusiasts, though some did not seem very enthusiastic then minutes into the workout. The warm up was slow, then faster and we hit the workout somewhat winded.

My daughter in love has had two babies in just over two years. She is slender as a willow reed, again, and keeps the class hopping, literally. I stood in the back, alone with my lack of rhythm and kept my eyes on Steph. She is absolutely amazing. I was sweating four minutes into the workout and it accelerated from that point.

Main Street Gym, Midlothian, Texas, newly renovated and huge. Amazing.


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