Many, many thanks!

In fact, about 5,000 thanks. From September 1 to today, we set out to raise $2000 in our Director’s Matching Challenge Fund Drive. And, you gave (and I gave) over $5000 total.

Many, many thanks.

If you go to my Facebook site, you will notice it is now my birthday season. I turn 66 years of age on October 5th. Yes, 66 years old. Sigh.

Instead of direct gifts for me, please go to my site and donate to Chains of Grace. My goal is another $2000 for Chains of Grace between now and my birthday. I have aleady made a donation, as have some of you, already! Please help us help these men and women.

Imagine coming out of prison after twenty, thirty or even forty years. The world you return to is nothing like the world you left. Many of our folks come back to no-family, no-job, no-car, no-ID, well, no nothing. They come out of Texas prisons at the rate of about 750 each week, or 39,000 per year.

These people are set to become your neighbors. Do you want them to have the services and supervision they need to stay away from prison? Do you want them to have what they need to live with dignity?

We do not have offices. Our Chains of Grace office is my Toyota truck. We spend our money on people. Please pray for us. Please help us. Please give to us. The need for your giving to us will not end until the prisons are closed and the jails emptied. Help us help the least of our brothers and sisters.

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