Mark 6:4-Durable Sin and the Prophet’s Word

I have recently had some harsh experiences. As a result, my writing has been too harsh for my tastes. I have ended up writing something, not posting it, or posting it and almost immediately removing the post. Simply put, harsher writings are almost completely without nuance. I do not like for anyone to start with me on “always” or “never.” Nothing is really always or never. Life does not work that way. There are shades of gray even to the fellow who insists everything is either black or white.


2 thoughts on “Mark 6:4-Durable Sin and the Prophet’s Word”

  1. Ahhh the gray before the storm. You were always a storm waiting to happen. Before I moved north, I always thought of rain as God’s tears but now I realize that God is in the snow. Each flake’s shape unique but always (except in the worst of places) white……

  2. “There are shades of gray even to the fellow who insists everything is either black or white.”

    Crazy Talk, Davis. Just Crazy Talk. Ask around, “They” will tell you that is just Crazy Talk.

    “Some things are always Black and White.”

    “Some things” are, but the list is short. Chief on my personal list is “The Everlasting Love of God for a sinner such as myself.” May it ever be so, Hallelujah, Amen.

    The list gets squishy afterwards, but arguments flow incessantly in the “Black and White” realm.

    Praying today for my Mother-in-Law in Kendrick’s, Abilene, and my Brother-in-Law who broke his wrist this morning falling from a ladder, as well as Rick Davis, Pastor, Author, but mostly Follower of Christ.

    Love to you, Davis, from the North side of the River Red.


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