Marv Knox Editorial Piqued My Interest, Briefly

   The few lines dedicated here about restoration of the BGCT are the direct result of Marv Knox's editorial from last week. If the words he wrote had come from anyone else, they could be dismissed as jaded and cynical. Mr. Knox admits the BGCT cannot afford all its programs (employees?) and confesses this may be because of previous scandals, leading to mistrust. In addition, he professes to understand that many of the programs (employees?) are of low quality and tend to pull down the others. He insists that excellence in the programs and honesty in the administration will restore the convention to life.

   Imagine, a well known  baptist writer who acknowledges these obvious things; inefficiency hurts, mis-administration hurts worse and dishonesty destroys. Mr. Knox reviews the last decade as if to call these "the years of the locust."

   If Mr. Knox keeps this up, he might someday get his own blog.

   More tomorrow.

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4 thoughts on “Marv Knox Editorial Piqued My Interest, Briefly”

  1. As a rank-and-file giver, here are the parts of that editorial which profoundly discourage me:
    “for world-class excellence”
    “fund only the ones we can afford”
    “We must provide ministries everyone agrees we need and perform them spectacularly….”
    “we must excel”
    And particularly the final sentence: “As we begin to succeed and regain our reputation for excellence, more and more churches will recognize reasons to reinvest spiritually, financially and emotionally in our collaborative efforts. Then we will have new money to add ministries—by priority order.”
    Mr. Knox is probably speaking to a different audience more familiar with the issues but it raises the question: what is the goal here? This troubles me. A lot.

  2. OK. Mr. Knox is now confessing the conventions sins for them. They have not been careful in picking partners nor scrupulous in handling finances. As a result, people do not trust the convention to do things well or even to do things right. He is correct.
    Left unsaid is how to get to trust and excellence with the same people who brought them into this mess in the first place. Without advocating it, Mr. Knox actually opens the doors to the conventions need to have a general house cleaning, so that it may begin again.
    So, there is little reason for hope.

  3. House cleaning – is that a goal, or means to a goal? Is trust and excellence the goal, or a means to a goal?
    Does the convention have a mission statement?

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