Mary Travers Has Died

   Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary, has died at 72, from complications of leukemia.

   When my grandkids get in my truck, they pop out whatever opera or Springsteen CD I have in the player. They pull out the CD holder and find the PP and M CD with Puff the Magic Dragon on it. We listen and they sing it over and over again. After awhile they let it slip to the next track to sing every word of "500 Miles." And so on. They know all the songs on both Best of Albums.

   I admit I wept.

   Something really great is gone.

4 thoughts on “Mary Travers Has Died”

  1. in my growing up years before I surrendered to the ministry I was a DJ at an Abilene radio station and we hosted PP&M in a concert at Moody Coliseum. I had the pleasure of getting to meet them and get them set up for the concert. Mary Travers was one sweet lady and had a wonderful voice. Paul Stookey was a good Christian man, but I couldn’t say much for Peter Yarrow. I will miss Mary Travers.

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