Meeting with My Lawyer Buddy, Steve…

…who has quite a story. Driving down a Dallas highway four years ago, Steve was shot three times in a random shooting the police decided was probably a gang initiation. He was hit three times by .45 caliber bullets fired from  a passing car. What a story!

Steve is a young man with grit and determination. I have enjoyed knowing him and even doing some business over the years of our experience. He still will not turn his back to a crowd or let someone drive next to him on a highway for long. Who can blame him?

He told me these interesting things. One is that these random gang shootings often take place where two roads diverge (split), so that the victim and other traffic cannot get a good look at the shooters. They pull up beside you, shoot into your car and then veer off quickly. This often happens late at night. So, be warned and be careful.

As usual, Steve (along with my other interesting friends because I like interesting people) educated me. He talked about how hard it is to trust people after you get shot in the back for no apparent reason. He still has trust issues. I pray for him.

Take care my friends. This is still the best of all possible worlds. There are more people around us who love us than we know. They will come through in our toughest hours.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Meeting with My Lawyer Buddy, Steve…”

    1. Isn’t Steve the lawyer who specializes in work related (i.e., sexual harassment, deformation of character, employer malfeasance? I could be wrong. If it is I am glad he is your friend and not an adversary! Just wondering?

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