Midlothian: We Do Not Need This

A runoff election is underway to replace our Mayor, who chose not to complete his term. The two people running, Richard Reno and Cammy Jackson, are people I admire and appreciate. Anyone who is willing to put their name on a ballot in these days is a true patriot.

I have been upfront about my support of Richard Reno for Mayor. Apparently, the venom often reserved for candidates now can include their supporters.

On Tuesday last, I drove up to the polls to vote early. Each candidate, Cammy and Richard had their campaign tents placed appropriately and both were present in their tents to greet early voters like myself and others.

As I passed by them I noticed a man holding forth in one of the tents, talking to the candidate. Nothing seemed wrong then so I went on in and voted. The new system makes voting very easy. I was back out in less than five minutes.

By the time I returned to my car, the gentleman had now moved to Richard’s tent. He was loudly denouncing Richard in a very sarcastic voice. I was shocked, since he had been calm and collected when under the other tent.

Richard Reno is an ex United States Marine and a Navy flier. Richard Reno does not need my protection. I was so shocked to see this happening in Midlothian, however, I walked over to try to defuse things.

Before I could say a word, the angry fellow, who had been verbally attacking Richard, turned on me with a vicious comment directed to me. I looked at him and tried to answer as quietly as possible, sticking to the issues.

Midlothian, we need a Mayor. We need a civic minded Mayor who has raised his children here, paid taxes here, started a business here and made it successful.

What we do not need is the kind of hatefulness displayed in the Election Center Parking Lot on Tuesday. This is not Dallas. This is Midlothian.

I do not think for one minute that Cammy Jackson wired up this poor man, who had been in her tent, chatting calmly, to come over and attack Richard and insult Richard’s supporters. Cammy is not that kind of person. I admire and appreciate her.

I am saying we do not need this low level of discourse in our local elections.

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