Ministerial Want-Ads

Disclaimer: I am not looking for another pulpit. I like the one I inhabit now and see real possibilities as our small town grows. Brock is a great place.

That said, I have a network of five pastors and one staffer I know who are willing to relocate. None of them has to relocate their ministry. None of them has a moral problem that would invalidate their ministry. I am committed to helping each and every one of these fellows in any way I can.

If your church is seeking a pastor, the fellows I mention are available. They range in age from thirty to mid-fifties. All have advanced degrees and some pastoral experience. I have no problem recommending any of them. Any of them would relocate out of state, if an opportunity arises.

The staffer I mention is a full-time music minister, traditional style. He has a seminary degree and more than thirty years experience. I wish I had a place for him but he needs a full time spot. He is superb; trained, a wonderful singer, a committed wife who plays piano and organ. He is wonderful. If you know of someone who can use such a man, have them contact me here at aintsobad. I will put them in touch.

We just have to take care of each other, friends. The convention cannot because really, who pays any attention to them. The associations cannot because it puts them in a bad spot. We really have to form our own networks and vet potential ministers to actively help those who deserve it.

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  1. Uh, I do have that Wednesday night thing to do, too.
    I am looking to help some other guys. I want to finish my ministry here in Brock in about eleven years. 

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