Our middle son and his wife flew to Chicago on Thanksgiving night to minister to a young couple they met and befriended on vacation a few years ago. The Chicago couple suffered the most awful loss, of an unborn, near term infant. Jonathan and Stephanie flew to Chicago, rented a car, took a hotel room and sat up most of the night before the Funeral Mass with their friends.

They got to pray with the couple and stand with them during the terrible occasion. I admire Jonathan and Stephanie for their willingness to make such a hard trip.

2 thoughts on “Ministry”

  1. Rick,

    I have done this myself with close friends in Arizona. It was heart-wrenching from my perspective, I cannot even imagine how hard it was for my friends.

    As always with stuff like this, I never know what to say. The best I can do is “be there”. God calls us to do that – be there.


  2. WOW! As a dad myself, I know how happy this makes you Rick. Good for you … and “Atta Boy and Girl to your son and his wife!” I am thrilled to see a young couple who would sacrifice so much to go help someone else. That, folks, is what true Christianity is all about — being Jesus’ arms and hands to others. What a blessing this blog is to me.

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