Miracles. Memory.

God does not prove Godself by miracles.Miracles may get in the way of faith. Memory is the well spring of appreciation, out of which comes gratitude, out of which comes Faith.

God is all about truth, so it follows God is all about proof. By acting in Creation, Calling, Deliverance and Redemption God declares Godself all about us, with us and in us. God is all about proof.

So, why do so many announce their need of further verification? I think it is because they need God to act in lesser ways. Our God is not small enough for some.

God’s grand, miraculous acts are just too big for some people. God is about declaring divine truth to all creation but this just is too much and not enough all at once.

Woody Allen once said he wanted to believe in God but he needed a sign from God, like God making a large deposit in Woody’s name in a Swiss bank.

Or, we might ask for all of Christendom and all of creation just to remember the marvelous actions of God throughout human history. Then we might have the seedling of appreciation that might grow into real gratitude, out of which may come the faith we need to see God in the great and the small.

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