Missionary Couple Need Prayer, Dollars

   I am reminding us again today of Alan and Sarah Damron of New Day Ministry Network. They are in Haugan, Montana. In that area, they have started two churches and restarted a third. Alan had major surgery and complications with it. In addition, their daughter, Alana, a missionary in Uganda, is having health issues as well.

   Please stop now and pray for them. Please send a check for any amount to:

New Day Network Ministry

PO Box 420013

Haugan, Montana 59842

I send them money above the tithe regularly. They are really there, really working and really needy. I get no money or any other material reward, directly or indirectly, when they receive help. I ask all readers of aintsobad to pray for this couple, their family and their ministries. I do urge each reader of aintsobad to send a check for whatever amount to the address above.

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