Missionary Couple Needs Financial Help

   I just don't know any other way to say it. A missionary couple in Montana needs some financial help.

   Alan and Sarah Damron are in Haugan, Montana,where they live and from where they work to start and restart evangelical churches. The NAMB recognizes their work but they must raise their support.

   Understand I have known Alan and Sarah since college days. Alan  and I drove back and forth to seminary in my 1973 Ford Pinto with the optional exploding rear end (the Pinto, not Alan. Although….)

   Alan recently had hip replacement surgery. For those who remember Alan, yes, you are right, it was a pretty good size hip. He had complications. Now, they are down about $14,000 more out of pocket.

    Hurrah for health care reform.

   I send money every few weeks to them, above the tithe and all, to support their ministry. I am going to write another check tomorrow and send it along to them.

   Frankly, I am worried about Alan's health and their financial condition.

    I would ask all the Howard Payne people who read this, and all others, to send a check for any amount to:

New Day Network Ministry

PO Box 420013

Haugan, Montana 59842

Please respond to this ministry need today.

The opinions expressed here are mine alone. I get nothing from soliciting funds for any ministry mentioned here. I know of the ministry personally and vouch for it or it does not go on this blog-site.

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