Missionary Couple Needs Prayer and Financial Help

   Alan and Sarah Damron are missionaries in Montana. They minister in three small churches in two towns. They do a great work.

   Alana, their daughter is a missionary in Uganda, East Africa. Alana is ill and in need of serious prayer. She is suffering from a serious bacterial infection attacking her stomach. She is dropping weight rapidly.

   It is my hope all the aintsobad readers will pray for this family, the Damrons.

   Alan continues to mend from his hip replacement surgery and complications arising from that operation.

   Alana is in Africa and is obviously quite ill.

   Sarah must minister to Alan, her husband, and pray for Alana, her daughter, many thousands of miles away. This must be a dreadful feeling.

    I repeat my hope that we will all pray for them. I continue to give funds above the tithe, which goes to my local church, to their ministry. The Damrons are involved in a faith work. They work and work on the field and raise their own support. I admire them immensely and urge all aintsobad readers to help them with prayer and financial help.

   They can be reached at: New Day Network Ministry

                                           PO Box 420013

                                           Haugan, Montana 59842

   Thanks to those aintsobad readers who have already taken time to pray and send financial support to the Damrons.

    Opinions expressed here are my own. These opinions do not reflect the opinions of the church I serve or of any other person or organization. In addition, when pleading for financial help for anyone, I need you to know I never benefit materially, directly or indirectly, in any way, for any funds received by the persons or ministries I promote.

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