Moms: Pay attention to the internet habits of your sons

Please know the temptations your son experiences sexually all year long just get more intense during the holiday, celebration period.  Holy Holiday? Advent is almost as sensual a time as Prom for young males.


Moms, please help me keep your son out of our ministry.

At least, help me keep them out of our ministry as residents with us.

One of the ways you can help is to monitor the on line habits of your son, if he lives at home. Or, you can encourage him to be accountable to you or some other significant female in his life, concerning his internet viewing habits.

Let me explain.

We get dozens of contacts from persons who need a place to live so they can be paroled. I have seen several lately where a young man with a previously clean record get a prison sentence for a wrongful contact with an under age girl on line. Often, the young man does not bother to ask the age of the girl he is chatting with on line. Or, she misleads him, for whatever reason. Some of these chat rooms are connected to one of the ever present porn sites even  a child could find.

And, just as often, he meets her on Facebook or one of the hundreds of other social media sites. No names, but I am looking at the application of a young man with a previously clean record who decided to get too friendly with a girl he met on Facebook. He is finishing his fourth year in prison, may soon be paroled and gets to register as a Sex Offender for the rest of his life.

He never met the girl. Never saw her in person. Never touched her.

The world is full of peril.

Please know that our highly successful ministry is here, working hard and helping many.

I would be most appreciative if you would do us this great favor. Keep your son out of our ministry.

Watch out for him. Watch what he watches on line and in social media particularly. Help him clean up his social media.

I may be writing the word Son here a lot, but we have more than a few husbands, brothers, nephews and any other male relation you can name. Ladies, you can help even your boy friend avoid this trouble if you can get him to agree to have his on line habits held accountable to you, or whomever. The internet is a perilous place.

There are people on line who are trying to get your son to get in trouble with them. The result can be a life time of registering as a Sex Offender. Am I asking you to be afraid? I am definitely asking you to be aware for them.


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