Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Four


Some material may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental discretion is recommended.

Over the last week at this site we have offered some insights for mothers with sons of whatever age. Inparticular, we wish to get to mothers with young sons.

Our ministry, Chains of Grace (find us at is Christ-centered and privately funded. We provide re-entry supervision and services for men and women coming out of incarceration. We opened a women’s house in May. We have a men’s residence open. We are readying another men’s house to open, I hope and pray, in December.

We minister to re-entry services and supervision to drug offenders, some violent offenders and those who have problems with honesty (plain, old fashioned thieves).

We also help RSOs.

Registered Sex Offenders.

Take a breath and let me explain.

Your sons lives in a sex-saturated society. Some young men (and some young women) receive what amount to life sentences for committing disturbing acts all persons should absolutely avoid. No question. We supervise such persons long after they leave prison.

You should know RSOs:

  1. Leave prison
  2. Must register as sex offenders for life in most cases (hence, the life sentence aspect)
  3. Mostly do not begin even their young dating life as Sex Offenders

By the way, there is a huge difference between pedophiles and sex offenders. We are not set up for pedophiles.

We do take RSOs.

Take a breath.

In this blog space we are trying to provide some information that might help change the narrative about young men who could benefit their lives by making good choices about one part of their lives.


We are writing to moms because most of the fellows we receive maintain a relationship with their moms through prison and after re-entry. We have received various persons we might not have taken except for one factor; Mom advocated for them.

I am a Dad. Men, NO, mone o I wish we did a better job. We don’t and that is the reality. Moms stay around.

So, here is the reality. We have a sex saturated society wherein teenage boys have access to materials that promote a life style of sex abuse.

What we do at Chains of Grace is re-entry. When we get a young man (or women, or older man) much of the damage is done.

So, in this space, I want to do Prevention.


  1. Please get the Dads more involved.
  2. Find something at which your son can excel; he needs a thing to do that is just his thing
  3. Tell him about sex
  4. Consistently review the issues about sexuality with him
  5. Your son does not need to look at pornography. None. It is not permissible or natural or good. Your son is not cool because of porn. You are not cool for letting him watch it.
  6. Monitor his on-screen time. He does not need unlimited on screen time.
  7. Your son does not need to date a younger girl. I am not sure he needs to be dating the way things are these days, but he does not need to be dating a younger girl. Do not believe the Less Than Three Year Younger Stipulation. Your son does not need to keep time with a younger girl.
  8. Your son does not need alcohol or drugs. Our men and women invariably tell us drugs or alcohol had a part in their crimes.

The world is a good place. Even in a good place there are some dangers. Be aware.

You can help us by going to www.chainsof to Donate to our work.

You can also reach us at Chains of Grace at PO Box 1344 Midlothian, Texas 76065.



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