Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Two

PG-13-Some material may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental guidance is strongly suggested.

Let me try to answer two of the major questions that came to me after yesterday’s post.

  1. Why don’t you just tell offenders not to do the crime in the first place? Our ministry, Chains of Grace (find us at only receives persons after they have committed their crime, served at least some of their sentence and earned parole. We get people up to twenty years (or more) after they became convicts. Our reality is simply this; we deal with people who know they are guilty. By giving this series of posts, which began yesterday, we do hope to furnish information to influential persons (mothers of sons) to help them (the moms, the sons) to help them avoid some of the pitfalls that could lead them the wrong way.
  2. Why are you writing to moms and not dads? Again, here is our reality. When we hear from someone wanting to know about our program of ministry for an inmate, it is invariably a Mom. Our target audience for prevention, then, is the mother of a son.

I listened to all the testimony in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. In all the beer drinking, party going, assault and offense, I was mostly stricken by the absence of any parents in either narrative. As painful as it was to listen to all of it, the only person who I heard mention a parent was the female Democratic Senator who interrupted Judge Kavanaugh to speak about her own father’s battle against alcoholism. Parents were amazingly absent in the testimonies from both sides.

We long for the days (if they ever existed, surely they can again) when the presence of two parents, Mom and Dad, rear up to advise young men about how to live an appropriate life. The reality we confront is most of our applicants have little or no relationship with their Dad. What we get is a word from a Mom, who may be in her seventies, about a son in his forties or fifties. The Moms contact us because it is so hard for the imprisoned son to reach us because he does not have easy access to the outside world.

We have spent a lot of time crying with a lot of Moms over the wasted, broken lives of their sons.

So, our word for today? Little boy, listen to your Mom. Listen to her now and obey her.

Listen to her now and quite possibly avoid a wrecked life.

Listen to Mom.


Find us at We are a Christ-centered, privately funded, not for profit residential ministry providing re-entry supervision and services for men and women coming out of incarceration. We depend on God. We do accept tax deductible donations through our website, or, you can send a check to our hard mail address, Chains of Grace, PO Box 1344 Midlothian, Texas 76065.


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