Monday, April 29, 2013

Last week I completed my move to Midlothian, drove over 1,100 miles, called three softball games, wrote ten journal entries, shared Christian testimony with four strangers, taught an integrated youth Bible study, kept grandkids four days, called seven basketball games, wrote six blogs and kept my space clean. I also entered a mentoring relationship with a young fellow and booked a wedding for August.

I got to do two home visits with non- church members and prayed with each of them. I continued my mentoring relationship with two young people and started a mentoring friendship with one older fellow who has lost his wife and grand-daughter to death. My friend and co-mentor Todd Littleton, has invited me to preach in his pulpit on May 5, so Joan and I will take a short trip to OKC on the 4th and 5th. A dear lady whose son we buried ten years ago renewed a relationship with us. She caused me to renew my objection to motorcycle riding on public highways. Please, so long as it lasts, people, watch for the cycle riders. They have no protection except your alertness.

We have some Sundays open between now and mid-June, if you need a supply preacher, morning or night.  Consider this my want ad.

My biggest new task goal is fix my wife a snack/ lunch/snack bag to take to work with her. I have to combine healthy nutrition with taste. Oh, my, the stress!

And, coming Monday, in between other things, I will also start to put up a blog each day in the Durable Sin series. Remember that Durable Sin requires a Prophetic word if it is to change. Prophets get the axe pretty often. If you are a prophet, you will know by the degree of discomfort you are made to feel. God speed the prophet.


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