Mothers Please Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day One

This series is PG-13. Some material may not be suitable for younger audiences. Parental supervision is recommended.

Mothers of sons, I am going to beg you to help your sons before they come to us.

Who are we? We are Chains of Grace Ministries. We provide re-entry services for men and women coming out of terms of incarceration. We have lots of drug offenders, some violent offenders and we have a number of persons who are Registered Sex Offenders.

Yes, we take Registered Sex Offenders. We appreciate all the State of Texas through its elected officials, law enforcement agencies and parole officers does to protect the general populace from offense. We get persons who come out of prison (or local jails) to re-enter a culture that is bewildering to them.

We seldom have a parolee, Registered Sex Offender or otherwise, re-offend to the extent where they must return to prison. We are Christ-centered, privately funded. We are a residential program, meaning we have  Safe Houses where we can place parolees to protect them and society.

The last thing I will say about our ministry is, well, two fold:

  • We have a very low recidivism rate (rate of return to prison)
  • We are less expensive to the tax payer (you and me). The cost of incarceration is staggering. Our parolees work, so they actually pay taxes rather than absorb tax money sitting in a prison.  If you are a tax payer, you would much rather have our ministry supervising free men and women..

I hope this introduces us to you. To learn more about us, please go to

Now, I want to beg mothers of sons to help us keep their sons out of the criminal justice system. There is no fool-proof way to guarantee your son’s freedom, but let me suggest a few things in this series of blogs.

Moms, warn you sons about pornography.

PG-13 Rated material begins here. Some material may not be suitable for young readers. Parental supervision is strongly recommended.

   Moms, help your sons see that pornography is not a victim-less act.

The primary victim of pornography viewing is the man (or woman) who gets in the habit of viewing pornography.

I am not guessing here. The Registered Sex Offenders who are part of our ministry universally testify to us that pornography was a huge contributor to their eventual down fall.

I do not mean that all the men who ever look at porn will become RSOs. I do mean we do have more than anecdotal evidence that many men who do abuse others have a background that includes porn addiction.

The human mind reacts to porn in various ways. Our offenders tell me they may have started with straight porn, but after a time they branched out into other fetish  porn when the simple “straight porn” no longer worked to arouse.

Moms, your sons can get porn with the simple press of a button on a computer or a phone.  Please understand from the knowledge of a person who spends his time working with men (and women) who accepted the casually stated societal belief that “porn is normal,” and “no one gets hurt.”

The porn your son is watching today may not be the kind of porn that leads him to believe “she wants it,” or “no means yes,” or “you have the power to take what you want.” The next kind of porn he looks at will be the one to take him to abuse, offense and perhaps to prison.

Moms, a simple clinical description of the facts of life with your son is a good start. Sadly, in our day, the culture in which your son lives invites him to go far beyond the “first kiss good night.”

Pornography has many victims.

The initial victim is the teenage boy who views the porn.

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