Mr. Churchill and Mr. Lincoln

I have two shelves of books in my small library about Mr. Lincoln. I have two shelves of books about Mr. Churchill.The books on those four shelves are old friends to me. I have been through them page after page, again and again.

Mr. Lincoln saved the Union and Mr. Churchill saved Western civilization, when our Union and Western civilization were still thought worth saving.

Mr. Lincoln’s opposition called him “the original baboon.” They attacked him and his family. Thaddeus Stephens would have put Mr. Lincoln out of office if he could have got the votes.

Mr. Churchill’s opponents berated him as a sot. He drank alcohol every day, certainly. They considered him a man not to be trusted and kept him out of the Prime Minister’s office until he was my age, 66 years old.

When I see all the Socialists who hate our current President, I think of Lincoln and Churchill. I do not suppose I will read the history written about Mr. Trump, but I suppose much of it will not be flattering. Mr. Lincoln’s haters shot him dead rather than let him have his second term. Mr. Churchill’s haters let him lead them through WW II and voted him out of office as soon after as possible.

Here is a quote from Mr. Churchill. I will try to get it right, to wit:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

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