Mr. Obama: One of the things that drives me crazy…

I got in late from work. The debate was over by the time I got home but through the miracle of DVR, I got to watch it in its entirety.

I should have stayed at work.

Let me tell you, I worked at a local high school the last couple of days during the day, before soccer and meetings and visits at night.

The high school kids were pumped about the debate. They were eager for it to come. Many were planning their evening around the event. One girl was hosting a Debate Watch Party. They wanted to ask me about the issues ,what I thought of the two men. I was impressed.

And then one of the guys did not show up. Sadly, the President was clearly preoccupied.

Of all the things that could drive me crazy about Mr. Obama, here is the one that most grinds my gears. I get most upset with our President, for whom I pray daily, may God bless and keep him and safeguard his family, when he just seems to be somewhere else. There are those times I am convinced he has had the only term as President he wants. He just does not seem to like the job all that much.

Bill Clinton clung to the White House for dear life. He stayed up most of the night before Mr. Bush was inaugurated making decisions, pardoning donors, phoning world leaders, et alia. He had a steward bring him a Diet Coke after midnight because you can do that in the White House.

George H.W.Bush wept on his last night as President. He wanted to serve his country for one more term. He knew the long recession the country suffered through before and during his only term would soon be over but not soon enough to save him. He really loved being President.

So did FDR and LBJ and even JFK. Harry Truman got used to it, losing his temper mostly when somebody said something bad about his daughter’s piano playing. Look it up. HST threatened bodily harm to the reporter who cracked wise about his little girl.

Mr. Obama has aged in this service to his country. He seems to want nothing more than to go home with Michelle and leave well enough alone.

No one could blame him if he just wants to go home.

But it drives me slightly crazy.



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  1. I too want Barak Hussein Obama to leave Washington and go home with Michelle. The sooner the better. Not that I’m all fired up about the other candidate but Barry’s gotta go.

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