My Crazy Full New Life

Older clergy have to mutate, morph, maneuver. This means life long learning is a must.

In the next month, for my new job, I have to produce nearly twenty written papers and two sermons. All the while I must produce sermons and study materials for my beloved church and do prospect work.

I am also adding a sport to my officiating bloc. I know nothing about it, so it is a good time to get in on volleyball. Lots of standing,  not much moving about and just good times for all concerned. But lots more study.

So, at nearly 60, and coming back from various challenges, I have to overcome this nuisance. I may know a lot of things that relate to what I have to learn but I am a functional rookie at much of it. A sixty year old rookie.


And we have two new grandchildren on the way. A girl comes first in September and then another Davis boy in late November or early  December. Since he is a Davis boy, he will drag this thing out as long as he can drag it out. He will also want the whole world to stop and acknowledge his coming.

My life is so full. God is so good. I can work out the details.

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