My Eyes Are Bleeding

For years I have used a phrase to explain how I feel when listening to something so banal, so silly, so stupid, I have no other way to describe it.

I say, “My eyes are bleeding.”

Apparently, VP Joe Biden, D-Outer Space, feels my pain.

At the third Democrat debate last evening, Mr. Biden’s left eye appeared to actually fill with blood. I have suffered the same affliction, literally, and figuratively. Last night, VP Biden, D-Hysteria, actually started to bleed on camera.

And, today, it is all the conservative pundits wish to discuss. Supposedly, this is the elective end for Mr. Biden, who has been the front runner, or, as I call him, “the least of these, my brethren.”

And, now I am through being even semi-humorous. To discuss the blood in Mr. Biden’s eye is to ignore what really came out of the debate.

Here it is. Senator Bernie Sanders, who still believes Communism works, also believes abortion is a helpful means of population control and will aid in turning around climate change, there is not anything else to say.

Senator Sanders wants you to kill babies because there are too many people in the world. These babies would only add to climate change, so it is alright to kill them.

I repear something I once wrote to our Democrat candidates. These people worry sick to death about illegal immigrant children, but HAVE NEVER MET AN ABORTION BILL THEY DID NOT LIKE.. Hypocrisy is too soft a word for these people.

My eyes are bleeding.

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