My Fourth Wreckiversary

Four years ago tonight, 23 August, 2016, I was innocently wending my way homeward. My heart was as pure as the driven snow. I intended only goodness and niceness to all Creation.

Then, out of nowhere, a giant Marxist-Socialist Hackberry tree sprang out of the ditch and directly into my path. I honked and tried to swerve but to no avail. The Leninist tree drove itself into my beloved (read: paid for) Toyota truck.

Just before I lost consciousness I could hear its fellow trees singing The Internationale. I was not able to answer. My mind fled back to General Patton.

My choices were:

  1. Dead
  2. Paralyzed
  3. What I Have Now

What I Have Now may not look like much but it seemed the way to go at the time. I thank God, my family, the first responders, wonderful nurses and doctors and all those who prayed. For those who prayed for me, many thank. For those who prayed the other way, Na Na Ana Na.

And we keep on preaching the gospel.

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