My Friend Ed Gardner of Midlothian

I do not remember who said it. I am too tired to look it up. Google all you want.

Someone was once quoted as saying, “It is easier to fight for your principles than it is to live up to them.”

My friend Ed Gardner finished second in a field of four for Precinct Three Commissioner over the weekend. I endorsed the winner some time ago and actively campaigned for her. All this in the interest of full disclosure, or as full as I can get in my current condition.

Ed Gardner ran a clean campaign. Insomuch as I can see, he ran a superbly clean campaign, as did his opponent, my preferred candidate.

So, Ed lost this time. If he ever decides to run for anything again, I hope he will call me early and ask for my endorsement.

He will have it.

Along the campaign trail I kept waiting for the other face to show. I have seen a lot of candidates get close to the wire and decide to get dirty. Some of them win.

Ed never got dirty.

Ed lost this election. Along the way he won my admiration, affirmation and even my affection.

The next time you see Ed, thank him for his service and his plain, old decency.

As Alfred Adler once said, “It is easier to fight for your principles than it is to live up to them.”

Okay, so I remembered.

Ed, you fought for your principles and lived up to them.

I am so proud of you.

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