My Happy Thanks

To all who strove to send me birthday wishes, many thanks. There were hundreds of you. You are my friends.

My deep and abiding thanks to my family. Joan arranged to take me to see Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night. We enjoyed a wonderful time. All our children and grandchildren were at our house on Sunday for lunch. I live for such times.

My Starbucks family had a coffee mug, an inscribed card and a journal with sentiments from each worker. They call themselves my Starbucks family, and that is how I think of them.

Our ministry family at Haven of Rest and Chains of Grace rose up to help me reach my goal of $2000 for Chains of Grace. Believe me when I tell you, they are our family as well. We love them.

So, to turn 66 is something I thank God for today. In recent years there has been little reason to expect to reach this lofty moment. To reach it surrounded with family and friends who are like family is marvelously happy.

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