My Life

My Life


My wife I met when yet a child

We grew up together

And now grow old the same way.

Though I am still a child.


My sons, myself,

in better form

my daughter. my daughter, my daughter,

She, oh, she, o she,

is all the better part of me.


My son-in-law,

my daughter’s love,

is like my sons to me


My daughters-in-law,

all three, each one, every one of them

is like my own.


And the grands.

all nine,

eight born

one yet in the womb,

Well, Dear God,

the grands.


These people are My Life,

My Church,

My Great-Keep.


The rest of humankind,

can only visit here;

feel the faith;

be soothed by the calm,

then be gone,

while my life, my life, my saved, happy life,

is here in this sacred place.


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